Encrypted Thumb Drives Wholesale

from RM 28.50
Free / low cost shipping to Malaysia (including West Malaysia) and Worldwide!
Refunds if items not received or not as described

EAGET Security Encryption Flash Drive 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
from RM 28.50
Min Order: 1 piece only
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Fingerprint Sensor Encrypted Thumb Drive 32GB
from RM 136.90
Min Order: 1 piece only
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Featuring top USB thumb drives with secure password encryption function to protect your data from unauthorised third party access.

Each flash storage thumb drive comes with high security software encryption and some models come with inbuilt physical key pad lock with hardware encryption for an additional layer of protection, making it hard even for a pro to hack into your encrypted thumb drive and steal your files.

These encrypted thumb drives support both Windows and Mac computers. Protect personal data and use password encrypted flash drives. Order now while stocks last.


• Free / low cost shipping to your home or business address in East and West Malaysia
• Drop shipping to international addresses available
• Estimated delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks
• Faster shipping options available
• Refunds if items are not received or not as described

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